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Portable Tension Testers - to 25kN

Lightweight robust test meter for proof or ultimate loading of a wide range of fixings in concrete and masonry.

Mastrad's Medium Duty Tension Testers enable engineers to confirm the holding power of anchors in most construction materials, either for the purpose of establishing safe working loads or to validate the correct installation of existing fixings.
The 5kN version is ideal for testing remedial wall ties and is approved by all major manufacturers and installers.

The tensile load of up to 25kN is applied to the fixing mechanically, hydraulics are only used to register the load, making the Mastrad Medium Duty Tester ultra reliable as it is not prone to hydraulic leaks.

The choice of 5 gauge capacities means the precision of readings can be optimised for each application. The load spreading bridge and the pyramid stool keep reaction loads away from the fixing. M16 fixings can be located directly in the tester while a variety of adaptors enable a wide range of other sizes to be tested.

Available as a standard kit with one, fixed gauge or a Master kit with 2 (or more) interchangeable gauges.

Gauge Features
Maximum load indicator
Rubber casing protects against shocks
Shatter proof glass
Built in protection against sudden load release
Calibrated in kN
Calibration certificate supplied with every gauge

Tester Features Patent No. 8622835

0-25kN range
5 gauge capacities:
0-5, 0-10, 0-15,0-20, 0-25kN
Interchangeable gauges with quick release couplings (Master Kit only)
Movement Indicator scale
Lightweight aluminium body
Weight: 2.2kg


Proof and failure load testing of a wide variety of fixings including

Most small and medium sized expanding and resin anchors.
Frame anchors, screw fixings, cavity fixings.
Remedial wall ties (in accordance with DD140)
Safety anchorages for industrial harnesses (to BS EN 795)
Safety anchorages for scaffold ties (to BS 5973)
Safety anchorages for ladder restraints
Powder actuated fastenings
Industrial fasteners

Special adaptors may be required for some of these applications, please contact us for further advice.

Movement Indicator Scale

Enables "first movement" to be demonstrated and gives warning of limit of stroke (50mm) which must not be exceeded.

Model Range and Accessories

1. Standard Tester Kit
Load Range Gauge Divisions
Model kN kN
2000/1 0-5 .2
2000/2 0-10 .5
2000/3 0-15 .5
2000/4 0-20 1.0
2000/5 0-25 1.0

Kit includes:
Tester and fixed gauge with maximum load indicator, padded steel carrying case, operating instructions and 12 test adaptors: 6 Threaded adaptors: M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12. 6 plain adaptors with internal diameters: 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 8.5, 10.5, 12.5mm. Shipping weight of standard Tester Kit: 4.5kg
Options not shown
Digital electronic readout.
Ratchet and nut to replace handwheel for locations with awkward access

2. Master Tester Kit Model 2000C

Kit Includes:
Tester with 2 interchangeable gauges* with Quick Release couplers and maximum load indicators, padded steel carrying case, set of 12 test adaptors (6 threaded and 6 plain) as in standard kit, operating instructions. Shipping Weight of Master Tester Kit: 5.5kg
*Specify 0-5, 10, 15,20 or 25kN gauges when ordering.
Accessories for Standard and Master Testers
Load spreading BRIDGE
Load spreading PYRAMID STOOL

Testing adaptors

M6 Wall Tie adaptor for MALE threaded wall ties.
M6 Wall Tie adaptor for FEMALE threaded wall ties.
Spiral wall tie adaptor.
M16 Threaded adaptor.
M20 Threaded adaptor.
Insulation fixing adaptor.
M16/M20 Threaded adapter
Insulation fixing adapter
Spiral wall tie adapter M6 Wall tie adapter for MALE threaded ties

Reaction Load Spreading

To test correctly reaction loads must be taken into the structure well away from the fixing. In brickwork this can be achieved by spanning the brick under test, with the load spreading BRIDGE. For anchors set in concrete BS 5080 (Methods of Test for Structural Fixings in Concrete and Masonry, Pt 1 Tensile Loads) sets limits which are provided by the load spreading PYRAMID STOOL.

Load Spreading Pyramid Stool
Offset mounting gives closet edge distance of 100mm.
Braced tripod withstands full 20kN load.
Pulling adaptor replicates tester.
Drilled for attachment to tester for easier sits handling, (Allen screws and key provided).
M16 legs offer 140mm height adjustment.
Support to fixing distance = 160mm, meeting the spacing requirements of BS 5080 Pt 1 for anchors with hole diameters up to 20mm and embedment depths up to 80m. This means most M12 and some M16 anchors can be tested to the BS.
Large handwheels on legs for easy adjustment.
50mm diameter feet minimise bearing pressure.
Swivel feet take up uneven surfaces.
Locking nuts maintain height adjustment.
Specifications: Height = 275 to 415mm.
Width over feet + 380mm. Weight = 6.0kg.

Load Spreading Bridge
3 Adjustable legs allow 62mm height adjustment.
Robust construction allows full 20kN to be applied.
Drilled for attachment to tester (Allen screws and key provided).
Key hole slot allows easy linkage to fixing or adaptor.
All metal swivel feet compensate for uneven surfaces.
35mm dia. feet minimise pressure on delicate finishes.
Arrangement of feet allows spanning of brick in masonry tests.
Narrow width allows testing to within 32mm of edge if required.
Meets BS 5080 spacing requirements for fixing with hole diameters up to 8mm and embedment depths up to 32mm.
Specification: Height = 43 - 95mm.
Width = 75mm. Length = 170mm. Weight = 2.2kg.
SAFETY WARNING - When testing fixings to failure in wall or soffit situations take care to support the tester and bridge in the event of sudden failure.
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