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Heavy Duty Tension Tester

Accessories for testing heavy duty anchors and Highway Works applications

The accessories featured below have been designed specifically to enable the Mastrad Heavy Duty Tension Tester to be used to test heavy duty construction fixings such as High Load Expansion Anchors, Resin Bonded Anchors and Cast-in Sockets to the requirements of BS5080: 1993 Pt 1 and the Construction Fixings Association site test procedure. They have been tailored to meet the exacting requirements of the department of Transport's Specification for Highway Works with particular regard to the on-site proof testing of anchorage's used in the following series:


       Series 2200 Parapets
       Series 400 Safety fences, safety barriers and pedestrian guard-rails.
       Series 1300 Road lighting columns and brackets.


The unit to the right is the Mastrad Highway Works Tester Kit which includes tester with 90kN gauge, pulling frame, heavy duty load spreading bridge, dial gauge and stand. The pressure gauge is calibrated directly in kN and has a maximum load pointer.

The ratchet handle operation minimises the effort required and allows progressive load application. Fully adjustable legs with swivel feet facilitate testing on sloping or uneven surfaces. A separate dial gauge is mounted on a remote arm fixed to a counterbalancing stand whose three adjustable legs allow precise adjustment of the dial gauge in relation to the fixing bolt head.

Accessories for Testing Heavy Duty Anchors
Specification and test procedure compliance

Heavy Duty Load Spreading Bridge
Manufactured from square hollow section tubing for high strength with low weight. The dimension from fixing centreline to closest support is 242mm. Three adjustable legs with swivel feet allow the unit to be aligned with the fixing centreline or accurately levelled with the aid of a spirit level mounted on the bridge. The bridge allows testing of fixings whose centreline is as close as 90mm to an edge or 70mm to a post; this means that in some cases tests for Safety Fences may be carried out without disturbing the post or rails. The leg length allows a height adjustment of 275mm and gives full clearance for the pulling frame described below. Supplied with attachment plate and screws to fix to tester. Weight: 18kg.

Pulling Frame
Allows the fixing to be fully torqued to demonstrate first movement and clamping force. Internal clearance for dial gauge to locate directly onto bolt head. Accepts anchors with diameters of 28-33mm directly and smaller diameters using plain adaptors of 13 17 21 and 26mm diameters supplied as standard. (other sizes on request). Weight: 5kg.

Dial Gauge and Stand
Dial gauge has divisions of .02mm on a 0-25mm scale which may be zeroed before starting tests. Mastrad designed stand has heavy weight base to counterbalance gauge on remote arm which allows the base to stand 300mm from fixing centreline. Three adjustable legs give precision alignment of gauge with fixing and allow use on uneven surfaces. Weight: 3.5kg

Threaded Rod adaptor Kit
M20 pulling rod and threaded adaptors in M12 M16 M20 and M24 for testing anchors with projecting threads.

Test Procedure Compliance
The Mastrad Heavy Duty Tension Tester complies with the following test requirements as long as it is used with the Mastrad accessories described here and in accordance with Hydrajaws instructions.

Load gauges are calibrated to an accuracy of better than 5% and have divisions of 1kN (30kN gauge) and 2kN (90kN gauge). Movement dial gauge is calibrated with divisions of .01mm. Thus all gauges comply with requirements of the following procedures:
Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works
The fixing to support dimension of 242mm exceeds the equivalent dimension of the Department of Transport Anchor Testing Rig ATR-53 which is 232mm and is deemed to be equivalent to BS5080 according to the Specification for Highway Works. All other specifications comply directly.
British Standard BS5080 1993 Pt 1
Structural fixings in concrete and masonry.
Method of testing for tensile loading.
Fixing with diameters up to 30mm or embedments up to 120mm may be tested to full requirement of the BS.
Construction Fixings Association
Guidance Note: Procedure for site testing Construction Fixings.
Fixings with embedment depths up to 320mm may be proof tested to 1.5 x the Manufacturer's Recommended Load those with embedments up to 240mm to 2 x Man. Rec. Load and those with embedments up to 120mm may be taken to failure.

Highway Works Tester Kit
This kit is assembled to test anchors to the requirements of the Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works Series 400, 1300 and 2200 and comprises:
Heavy duty tester with single gauge reading to 90kN, ratchet handle, calibration certificate and operating instructions in padded steel carrying case. Heavy duty load spreading bridge. Pulling frame with M20 pulling rod and 21mm plain adaptor. Dial gauge and stand. (Extra accessories from the above lists available at extra cost.)