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Material Bond Tester


The bonding strengths of a wide and varied range of materials including concrete, screeds, repair mortars, epoxy resin coatings, laminates, plastics, paints and enamels may be accurately determined using the Mastrad Material Bond Tester. This technically advanced, accurate instrument is suitable for use in the laboratory, workshop and on site.

Bond Testing

Adequate direct tensile strength or bonding strength between two layers is important if repairs to concrete structures or additional overlays and screeding on existing concrete is to be structurally sound. The pull-off test as a means of projecting the compressive strength of concrete and other materials involves bonding a circular steel disc to the surface by means of an epoxy resin adhesive.  A controlled tensile force is then applied to the disc, and as the strength of the bond is greater than that of the material under stress it will eventually fail in tension.  From the area of the disc an the force applied at failure it is possible to calculate a nominal tensile strength for the material. 



The Mastrad Bond Tester Kit consists of:

Hand operated puller.
0 - 25kN calibrated gauge with maximum load indicator and viscose damping mechanism to protect against sudden load release.
Adjustable alignment plate with built-in levelling facility.
Pull bolt with coupling.
10 -75mm diameter steel discs.
10 - 50mm diameter steel discs.
Padded steel carrying case.