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Testing Anchors for Safety Lifeline Systems
to BS EN 795


Testing intermediate structural anchor using:

Medium Duty Tension Tester
150 Load Spreading Bridge
50mm Hexagon Extension Legs
M12 Threaded Stud Coupler

Test requirements for installed Lifeline Systems in accordance with BS EN 795 1996, "Protection against falling from a height, Anchor devices - requirements and testing."

Installers of Safety Systems using flexible anchor lines will be interested in test equipment capable of testing Anchor Devices to the requirements of the new standard BS EN 795, to ensure full compliance with the Directive for Personal Protective Equipment.

The above standard recommends, that both intermediate and extremity anchors* should be submitted to a pull-out test to confirm the strength of the fixing. The test force should be 5kN which should be sustained by the anchor for at least 15 seconds.

Where brackets are fixed to the structure by an anchor with an M12 projecting thread, the required tensile load can be applied using a standard Tension Tester, fitted with a 10kN gauge, mounted on a 150 Aluminium Load Spreading Bridge.

The tester is linked to the anchor thread by means of an M12 Threaded Stud Coupler. For other configurations contact Mastrad for advice.

If you are involved in the installation of Safety Harness Eyebolts, referred to as Anchor Devices in BS EN 795, you may be interested in the Safety Eyebolt Tester Kit shown below.

The Mastrad Medium Duty Tension Tester has become the standard tester for all construction fixings test requirements up to 20kN and has a wide range of standard accessories available to enable virtually any test requirement to be used.

*for Class C - anchor devices employing flexible anchor lines.


Safety Eyebolt & Ringbolt Testing Accessories
For Medium Duty Tension Testers


Safety Harness Eyebolt Tester Kit

For testing Safety Harness Eyebolts to the requirements of BS 5845 and BS EN 795 1996 "Protection against falling from a height, anchor devices - requirement for testing."
Kit includes tester with 10kN fixed gauge, M12 Locking adaptor, M12 Locking adaptor Clevis and 100 Aluminium Load Spreading Stool.
Each structural anchorage, after installation, should be submitted to an axial pull-out force of 5kN to confirm the soundness of the fixing.

The structural anchorage should sustain the force for a minimum of 15 seconds.


Some of the accessories listed below are supplied as standard in kits for the testing of safety eyebolts and scaffold ring bolts.


M12 Locking adaptor

Shown on illustration of M12 Ringbolt adaptor Clevis. Used to lock M12 adaptors into tester for security.

M12 Locking adaptor Clevis

For quick and safe testing of safety harness eyebolts and scaffold tie bolts. Use with M12 Locking adaptor to lock into tester for repetitive test situations.

Comprises drop forged clevis, captive security pin with spring loaded ball for quick assembly and safety chain for security.

safetyaccess1.jpg (10613 bytes)

Use with tester mounted on 100 Aluminium Load Spreading Stool or 250 Aluminium Load Spreading Bridge.

50mm Hex Extension Legs

100m Hex Extension Legs

Allows extension of legs on 150 Load Spreading Bridge, both 50 and 100mm legs supplied as standard with Scaffold Tie Tester Kit.


For more information link to:


The new NASC/CFA Guidance Note TG4:04* Anchorage Systems for Scaffolding sets out requirements for  PRELIMINARY TESTS of scaffold anchors (to check the suitability and allowable loads of an anchor type in a particular base material) and PROOF TESTS (sample tests to check that anchors have been installed correctly � to be carried out on all jobs).  

The new Proof Load testing requirement is for a tensile test of 1.5 x the design load. For heavy duty ties with a capacity of 12.2kN this means a test load of 18.3kN.

 TG4:04 also describes six types of anchor most commonly used for anchoring scaffold ties. The Mastrad Scaffold Tester Kit will test all of these types to a maximum tensile load of 20kN.



The Mastrad Scaffold Tester Kit has recently been revised and now comprises of:

Series 2000 tension tester with fixed gauge calibrated to 20kN

150mm load spreading bridge

75mm Hex Legs

Bolt tester adaptor

M16 Threaded stud adaptor

M12 Clevis Adaptor with Locking Adaptor

Calibration certificate

Test rig arrangements








To test socket anchors using slave bolts e.g. for Ringbolt








To test hex headed bolts, including self tapping concrete screws.








To test eye type anchors








To test projecting studs up to M16

* TG4:04 can be downloaded free of charge from the CFA Website at

100 Aluminium Load Spreading Stool

Very lightweight stool for testing Safety Harness Eyebolts. Height 120mm, diameter 100mm. Supplied complete with 2 mounting screws and Allen Key.
Use with M12 Ringbolt adaptor Clevis and M12 Locking adaptor.
safetyaccess2.jpg (12319 bytes)

250 Aluminium Load Spreading Bridge

Lightweight bridge for use with Ringbolt adaptor for testing Safety Harness Eyebolts. Feet have flat undersides and 65mm diameter to minimise reaction pressure, they do not rotate with adjusting legs thus protecting decorative finishes. May also be used for testing Scaffold Ties. Mounting holes allow tester to be fixed to any of 4 orientations. Supplied with mounting screws and hex screw driver.