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Concrete Permeability



This fully automatic apparatus is designed to carry out, in a simple and practical system, water permeability tests on cubic and cylindrical concrete specimens. The specimens are submitted to hydrostatic stress for a pre-set period.

The water permeated through the test specimen is directly collected and measured into a graduated cylinder.

It is therefore possible to determine the permeability coefficient in cm/sec. (Darcy coefficient) by the following formula:

where: cc = permeated water in CM3

      cc x h h = height of the specimen (cm)

      K= - A = surface area of the specimen (

      A x t x P t = time to permeate (sec.)

                  P = hydrostatic pressure in cm. of water column

The equipment consists of a strong metallic frame holding the cells which are hot-galvanized for anti-corrosion protection.

Each cell includes a pressure control manometer.

A re-chargeable compensation plenum chamber is included as part of the test.

The pressure is adjustable from 0 to 30 bars (0-20 bar for mod C431), and it is supplied by a quality automatic pump of variable supply, to achieve the most suitable installation for the specimen under test.

Water feed is direct from water inlet.

Seal pressure obtained through special and practical seal devices which maintain and simplify the use of the machine.

Possible to use one or more cells together.

The electric installation is low voltage and enclosed in a waterproof case.

The specimen's sealing system is achieved through a practical and speedy, user- friendly device.

The apparatus is designed to the highest standards, using quality components and incorporates the latest technology

Voltage: 220 V single-phase, 50Hz

Mod. C430

AUTOMATIC CONCRETE WATER PERMEABILITY APPARATUS, with four cells suitable for carrying out tests on concrete cube specimens max. side 150mm, and cylinder specimens max dia 160mm

Supplied complete with four cells, four graduated cylinders, epoxy resins and accessories. The sealing devices are not included in the standard package and must be ordered separately.

Dimensions 250 x 50 x 130h, 130kg