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Water still, Calypso Fistreem

Glass water stills combine many of the proven features of the higher specification Cyclon Still range with a budget design concept. Offered in outputs of 2 and 4 1/hr, both units
produce the highest quality pyrogen free water achieved by a unique cyclonic effect vapour steam trap.

A transparent acrylic cover protects the glassware and allows inspection.

Heating is provided by silica sheathed elements.

The Fistreem Calypso may be used directly from a mains tap supply or, where preferred, a pre-treated water feed, for which the optional feed solenoid valve is essential. In the pre-treated mode, purified water is fed directly to the boiler where tap water is used for cooling purposes only.

The still is supplied with a polyethylene reservoir level sensor, providing automatic shut-off for both power and input water whenever the reservoir level is full. The still restarts automatically whenever the reservoir level drops.

Overnight running can be carried out safely and reliably, providing a reserve of freshly produced water at the beginning of the day. Calypso Stills are offered with an optional matching reservoir tank. Automatic controls allow up to 30 litres distilled water to be maintained. The reservoir has a fast flow tap, air filter and sight tube and may be bench or wall mounted.

For easy cleaning, the still is fitted with a boiler drain valve. Cleaning solution is introduced into the boiler via the constant level device. No dismantling is necessary. A high temperature cut-off protects the heaters in the event of water failure. An automatic flow controller governs the rate of water consumption and allows the unit to be used on a wide tap water pressure range. The stills may be bench or wall mounted.

Technical Specification

Electrical supply 220-23OV,50-60Hz, Dimensions 260 x 325 x 790
1.8kW (2litre) (w x d x h), mm
Mass, shipping/operational, kg 18/15 Capacities, l/hour 2 or 4
Tap water pressure 10 - 80 lbf/in2 (70 - 550 kPa)