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For the non-destructive detection of corrosion in the reinforcement bars of concrete building elements. Discover rust before it becomes visible and has caused disastrous damage.

For the first time CANIN renders it possible to make a large area assessment directly on the display of an indicator.

CANIN sets new standards in the sphere of building structure examination. The large display, just 9 keys for simple operation using menu technique and the intelligent memory render CANIN a unique instrument worldwide.

240 measurement values are represented on the easily legible display in grey levels. 120,000 measurements can be stored in the intelligent memory and called up with the cursor keys as measuring fields of 240 measurement values. A measuring surface of more than 4000 m2 can be managed with the large memory.

The corrosion of steel in concrete is an electrochemical process.
It represents a galvanic element similar to a battery - producing an electric current, measurable as an electric field on the surface of the concrete. This potential field can be measured with an electrode known as a half-cell. By making measurements over the whole surface, a distinction can be made between corroding and non - corroding locations. There are many scientific studies describing this method which has been known in the USA for more than 30 years. These form the basis for the successful practical application.

In Switzerland, the institute of Building Materials, Materials Chemistry and Corrosion of the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) has been especially closely involved with potential field measurement. This institute initiated CANIN and has provided scientific support.


The Printouts contain :
Scale with 9 grey or colour levels with corresponding potential ranges. The total potential range can be optionally selected between +200 to -950mV.
How many values as a % have been measured in the particular potential; range
Measuring the surface area and number of measurements
The selected column width x and row interval y in mm
Designation of x/y coordinates
Object number

CANIN : User friendly

In the display the moving cursor shows where the measuring is taking place within a measuring field.
As CANIN continuously monitors the size of the object, a printout is possible at any time
Measurements can be made on one object using a mixture of fine and coarse grid systems
Individual measurements can be overwritten, deleted or marked

Nothing could be simpler than potential field measurement with CANIN