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Catalyst Testers

Attrition/Abrasion Testers to evaluate FCC Catalysts as per ASTM D 5757-95.


Crush Testers

Grain Crushing Strength iht ASTM D 4179 Bulk Crushing Strength iht SHELL SMS-1471

Spence Attriters

Attriter Fluidisert Seng iht ASTM D 5757-95

Rotating Abrasers

Mini Vacuum Oven

DR3003 Mini Vakuum Ovnen

Pycnometers / Absolute Density / Specific Density / Envelope Density

Specific Suface Area, Solid Surface

Adsorption Meters to characterise bonds on the surface

Pore Volum and Pore Size Distribution by Gas-Adsorption Meter

Instruments for Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD) - TPR - TPO

Modelling Software for Mercury Porosity Meter

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