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The Chaplin Abrasion Tester

The Chaplin Abrasion Tester gives a guide to the abrasion resistance of concrete floors. It can also be used to test the effectiveness of surface treatments used to protect or up-grade sub-standard floors.

The depth of wear in the concrete floor brought about by the action of 75mm diameter by 20mm wide hardened steel wheels, is used as a guide to the abrasion resistance.

The apparatus is suitable for compliance testing to the requirements of BS 8204 : 1987 : Part 2.

The abrasion tester consists of three 75mm diameter hardened steel wheels mounted tangentially on a circular steel carrier plate. The wheels are fitted such that they are free to rotate but not castor. The carrier plate is connected to a single phase electric motor which runs at approximately 190 rpm. mounted in a steel frame.

An umbilical cable connects the electric motor to a small control box, which monitors the number of revolutions executed by the shaft of the motor.

At the end of a preset number of revolutions, a counter in the control box switches off the power to the electric motor.

During testing, the abrasion tester is covered by an acoustic baffle which reduces the noise level generated by the machine. Micro-switches fitted at the bottom edge of this baffle switch off the electrical power if the baffle is lifted off the floor.


  • Height: 585mm
  • Width: 345mm
  • Depth: 345mm
  • Weight: Approximately 60kg

    Electrical Details

  • 220/240v 50 Hz 1ph
  • 110/120v 60 Hz 1ph