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Protimeter Concretemaster III

Code Name Price (Ex-VAT)
BLD4420 Protimeter Concretemaster III

For total moisture testing versatility in solid floors.
Accurate moisture measurement is necessary to determine if a floor is dry enough to have a covering laid on it, or to aid decisions concerning the application of surface treatments, adhesive specifications and the type of floor covering.

The Protimeter Concretemaster III enables the user to measure the moisture levels in various ways. This versatility means that the most appropriate test technique can be adopted on a job by job basis, in accordance with contractual requirements and practical considerations on site.

The Gel-Bridge Conductivity Test : This is the quickest technique for determining the moisture content of 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1 sand/ cement screeds.
The British Standard Surface Humidity Test: This method determines the erh of a floor slab using a humidity probe and humidity box as per BS8201, BS8203 and BS5325 recommendations.
The Protimeter Humidity Sleeve Test: The protimeter humidity sleeves are used to determine the erh levels within concrete slabs and screeds. as the sleeves equilibrate faster than humidity boxes placed on the surface, it is much easier to monitor the rate at which a floor is drying. An another advantage is that the Sleeves are non-intrusive; once placed they cannot be easily dislodged or damaged.
The Protimeter Concretemaster III Kit is supplied with;
Thermohygrometer/ Moisture Content Instrument.
Thermohygrometer Probe and Extension Lead.
Cement/ Sand Screed Electrodes, Conductive Gel and Three Screed Program Keys for mix ratios of 1:3, 1:4&1:5 cement/ sand.
Ten Protimeter Humidity Sleeves
RH Calibration Test Kit.
Protimeter Humidity Box.
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