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ASTM D113; AASHTO T51-UNE 7093

Ductility is a measure of the cohesive strength of a binder

REF: D54
The Ductilometer is an instrument to measure the bituminous ductility. Some ductility is necessary in in a bitumen as in practice, bituminous roads are subjected to both temperature change and traffic induced movement.

The ASTM method measures the distance a standard briquette will elongate under given conditions before breaking.. The test is usually performed at a temperature of 25 �C.

The Ductilometer consists of basically a moving carriage travelling along guideways. The carriage is driven by an electric motor, insise a large tank which is fitted with a heater, thermostat and pump unit.

This model works in an automatic way at a speed of 50 mm/min and its maximum stroke is 1500 mm.

The tank is made from stainless steel. This Ductilometer can accept up to 3 specimens simultaneously.

Supplied complete except for the briquette mould and base plates that must be ordered separately.

Voltage: 220v Single phase 50 Hz 1000 W

Net Weight Kg 82


Mod D54/1 - Briquette mould to prepare the specimen in figure of 8 for. Supplied without a base plate. Net Weight 1 kg.

Mod D54/2 Base plate for briquette mould. Net weight 0.5 kg

Mod. B54/4 - Refrigerating Coolant Circulator, for test temperatures of +5 �C in the Ductilometer. Supplied complete.

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