EIFS Inspection Kit


The Wet Wall Detector in combination with a Digital readout resistance type Wood Moisture Meter with special EIFS Probes with 7" long insulated pins. This kit offers the best solution for EIFS Moisture Inspection Protocols. Comes in a dye cut foam lined Aluminum sided case.

Mastrad EIFS Inspection Kit contains:

(1) Wet Wall Detector,
The Non-Destructive Moisture scanner that will read over 3 inches of Exterior EPS Insulation System.

(2) Professional Wood Meter.
A resistance type Wood Moisture Meter with special EIFS Probe with long insulated pins to verify moisture content and probe for structural integrity of the sheathing and wood framing.

(3) Thermal Hygrometer (Optional).
Gives relative Humidity, Temperatures and Dew point readings.

The EIFS Inspection Kit is the only moisture inspection kit that will give the inspector key information necessary to conduct moisture inspection surveys in EIFS Inspection Protocols.

All the instruments available in the EIFS Inspection Kit may also be purchased separately or in partial kit form.