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Fresh Concrete Tester FCT 101

FCT 101

Your Guarantee of Absolute Quality on the Construction Site
The new process-technology for testing fresh concrete
The complete system package for the accurate testing of your fresh concrete

Fresh Concrete Tester

For the rapid on-site measurement of water cement ratio, slump, compressive strength and temperature

The FCT 101 is a rugged electronic unit designed for easy on-site use.
At last ! a quick and simple on-site quality control test for fresh concrete.
Until now it has been difficult for site engineers to assess the quality of concrete arriving on site. Other fresh concrete testing methods do not yield their results until after the concrete has been poured and cured.

Now this has all changed with the introduction of the FCT101 Fresh Concrete Tester

A rugged and reliable instrument which gives an assessment of all the main parameters of fresh concrete within minutes of it arriving on site.
The test is simple to perform, requiring no specialist skills, and rapid . After calibrating the FCT101 the test takes about two minutes.

Quality Control Certification from the FCT 101

Software supplied with the FCT101 produces Quality Control Certificates based on measurements taken using the instrument.
This evidence of the properties of the concrete gives the site engineer the confidence to accept or, if necessary, to reject the concrete before it is poured.

All the measurements taken from the fresh concrete can be stored in the FCT 101 and transferred when convenient to a computer for further analysis, or for use in the preparation of reports and Quality Control Certificates.

Dimensions : 550 x 210 x 75mm
Weight : 2400g
Power Supply : Rechargeable batteries 7.2V, 1.2Ah
Slump Value range: 7 - 250mm
Water / cement ratio (W / C) range : 0.39 - 0.76
28 day compressive strength range : 10 - 90 N /mm
Temperature Range -10 to +80 degrees celcius
Aggregate size range : 7 - 32mm
Typical life on battery charge : 500 - 1000 individual measurements
Accuracy + or - 3%
Interface : RS232 (IBM Compatible)
FCT101 Technical Report - International Rilem Conference