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The GrainMaster 900 has been awarded the 1996 silver medal by the Royal Agricultural Society of England in their machinery award scheme

  • Grainmaster 900 and 900e
  • Digital Grainmaster
  • Grainmini V
  • Balemaster
  • Grainmaster 2000
  • Temperature Probes
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Digital Hygrometer
  • Servicing

  • Grainmaster 900 and 900e

    (Pictured above)

    Battery operated

    • Ease of use: The instrument is very easy to use. A sample of grain is ground into, and compressed in, the cell in one operation using the all-in-one Grinder/Compressor. The whole operation takes less than a minute. The sample quantity is small enough to be easily rubbed out in the field
    • The Grainmaster 900e enjoys all the advantages of the Grainmaster 900: In addition
    • It has a serial RS232 output to computer/printer facility,
    • it has a memory storage capacity for 50 results, it is capable of averaging the last nine results, it has individual buttons for the selection of four frequently used crop calibrations.

    Digital Grainmaster

    • Plug-in program keys provide direct readings of moisture content for many crops.
    • Supplied with Program Keys for wheat/rye and barley/oats. Keys are also available for direct readings in many other crops.
    • One of few grain moisture meters approved by Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft, a leading German research institute.

    Grainmini V

    • Simple, robust, compact, inexpensive and very popular particularly in Britain and Germany.
    • Ingenious and unique display using readily interchangeable Reader Rings.
    • One of few grain moisture meters approved by Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft, a leading German research institute.


    • Simple, robust, compact, inexpensive.

    Monitoring of moisture in hays and straw during baling and before storage is important. High levels of moisture can lead to discolouration and will support the growth of moulds and fungi.

    The Balemaster consists of a conveniently sized hand-held instrument and a stong stainless steel probe.

    Grainmaster 2000

    Mains operated and computer controlled

    One of the very few grain moisture meters to be approved for buying/selling by the PTB (German government laboratory, Berlin) thanks to its accuracy, reliability and repeatability: At present for wheat, rye, barley and oilseed rape with many other crops to follow.

    Temperature Probes

    The 900, 900e and Digital Grainmaster contain a temperature measurement circuit into which optional Temperature Probes can be plugged.

    Digital Hygrometer

    For the measurement of the relative humidity of the air, invaluable when drying crops using ambient air and air temperature in the range of -10 to 40 degrees Celsius.


    Grain moisture meters can be serviced and recalibrated at the manufacturer's Marlow office.

    Please send all parts (eg grinder, compressor, keys, etc.) for the attention of 'Service Department'. Where a service estimate will be prepared free of charge.

    It is also possible to obtain certification from us, traceable to international standards.

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