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The SCRIBE Digital Half Cell


The SCRIBE is used for assessing the probability of corrosion in steel reinforcing bars

Corrosion of the re-bars is an electro-chemical process which involves anodic ( corroding ) and cathodic ( passive ) areas of the metal.

By measuring concrete-surface electrical potentials relative to a standard reference electrode, areas where corrosion is present can be determined.

The SCRIBE is equipped with a detachable silver/silver chloride electrode, and measurements are automatically converted to copper/copper sulphate equivalent potentials and displayed on the digital meter.

Satisfies BS 1881:Part 201 and ASTM C876.

The SCRIBE comes in an aluminium carrying case with an extensible probe holder for remote operation.

Input impedance 33Megohms

Display 3� digit plus sign via 12.5mm LCD

Range/resolution +1999mV, +1mV

Battery type MN 1604 alkaline ( 100 hrs typical use )

Connects to SCRIBE Data Logger