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Concrete/Mortar/Ceramics/Multi-Purpose Moisture Testers



Concrete/Mortar/Ceramics/Multi-Purpose Moisture Testers

HI500 Multi-purpose Moisture Tester

Kett offers two systems for use in the concrete/mortar or construction industry. The HI800 tests for leaks in walls by using a conductive probe. The HI500 (COCO) uses high frequency capacitance to measure the moisture content in dense solids. Factory calibrations are included for concrete, light-weight concrete, and mortar/ceramics. A fourth uncalibrated mode allows the user to create calibrations on non-standard products. The non-destructive measurements instantly displayed on the digital LCD screens. Both systems include a three-year warranty.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Instant Measurement
[Bullet] Pre-Calibrated Systems
[Bullet] Durable Construction and Ergonomic Design


Construction/Ceramics           	Concrete/Mortar/Ceramics      	Tests for curing and setup  
Plastics/Polymers    	Poly Reels          	Non-destructive testing of reels and spools                 
Electronics               	Capacitors             	Test moisture of solid unit 

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