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Automatic Polisher/Grinder (awaiting photograph)

Surface Preparation

Labpol 8 - 12 Convertible Series Grinding Polishing Machines

A versatile compact design of grinding/polishing machine which can be configured, as required, with an 8in (203mm), 250mm or 12in (305mm) diameter grinding or polishing platen. To change the configuration, simply remove the insert and lift the platen from the retaining peg located on the platen base and replace with the new platen size and insert. Edge clips are provided with each platen for clamping plain grinding papers or polishing cloths.

The platen base is driven by pulleys and belt by a 0.60HP (0.44kW) AC motor, in the fixed speed version of the polishing machine. The speed can be specified as 180, 240 or 360rpm. The LABPOL 8 - 12 is also available with variable speed drive between 50 and 500rpm. The demand speed can be set on a display and platen rotation speed follows the setting. In this case a 0.4HP (0.3kW) DC motor and controller are used.

A water inlet and outlet is located on the rear panel. A control tap with flexible hose is positioned near the platen so that the water can be directed to any part of the platen during grinding. A fixing to accept a 38mm upright is provided and this can be used to support a specimen holder assembly for automatic polishing.


1: LABPOL 8 - 12 Single Disc Polishing Machine. Fixed Speed specify 120,240,360rpm
2: LABPOL 8-12 2 Speed Polishing Machine 150/300 rpm (other combinations available)
3: LABPOL 8-12 Single Disc Polishing Machine. Variable 50-500rpm. Set Speed Digitally
4: 8in Option Platen, insert and edge clip
5: 250mm Option Platen, insert and edge clip
6: 12in Option Platen, insert and edge clip
7: LABPOL DUO8 Twin Disc Polishing Machine 203mm Disc (8�) specify 180,240,360mm
8. LABPOL DUO8 tsp Twin Disc Polishing Machine 203mm Disc (8in) 2 speed eg 150/300rpm
9. LABPOL DUO8 Twin Disc Polishing Machine 203mm Disc (8in) Variable Speed 50 - 500 rpm. Set speed displayed digitally.

Wet and Dry Paper Sets, Polishing Cloths, Industrial Diamond Paste Sets

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