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Loaded Wheel Tester

Loaded Wheel Tester LWT125

For Measuring the Excess Asphalt in Slurry Seal (meets ISSA TB109 and 147A)

Slurry Seal Presentation PDF


The LWT is a traffic simulating device which produces the approximate compactive effort of one million vehicle passes in less than 25 minutes when loaded with 125 pounds (56.7kg) of lead shot weight.
The best method is described in the International Slurry Seal Association's TB - 109. It determines the maximum asphalt content of a slury mix.
The loaded wheel test is intended to compact fine aggregate bituminous mixes such as slurry seal by means of a rubber tyred reciprocating wheel. The test may be used for design purposes to establish maximum limits of asphalt content and enable the mix designer to avoid severe asphalt flushing under heavy traffic loads.
Various accessory measurements may also be made during this test to study compaction rates and plastic deformation of mono and multiple layered bituminous mixture specimens.


Loaded Wheel Tester per ISSA TB109 and 147A, single reciprocating wheel for traffic count design, measurement of excess bitumen and multilayer rutting potential, complete with 20, 24-gauge mounting plaques, sand frame and cover. 0.25 HP 110/220v60Hz motor less lead shot weights. (0.33 HP 220v50Hz motor also available.

Weight : 210 Pounds (96kg) 16 x 17 x 56 inches (41 x 43 x 143cms)

Accessories for LWT
Manual Profilograph
Combination English and metric digital calipers, depth gauge, and template for measuring vertical and lateral displacement.