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Hand auger equipment is extremely suitable for soil research.

By applying extension rods with a bayonet or a conical threaded connection augering to greater depths is possible. With hand auger equipment a depth of 8 - 10 metres can realistically be achieved. The maximum boring depth strongly depends on various factors such as: depth of the groundwater, the soil profile, the characteristics of the material the auger has to pass through.

These augers are made of high grade non-toxic steel and a carefully selected hardening treatment contributes to achieve a wear resistant and solid design.


Comprehensive set of selected items for general hand boring for all soil types down to 5 metres. Including:
Handle normal, 60 cms with synthetic, detachable grip with coupling sleeve
Edelman augers (4, of various types) The typical design of the Edelman auger allows for a minimum of friction during penetration into the soil, and the extraction of the auger from the soil, which means less physical effort. There are four types, the clay-sand, course sand - as well as an auger for a combination of these soils.
Riverside auger (1) very suitable for augering in hard stiff soils mixed with fine gravels
Stony soil auger (1) - for soils with large gravel content. The jamming effect of the auger blades makes it very suitable for soils with small stones.
Spiral auger (1) The Spiral auger operates similar to a corkscrew and does not cut off the soil. This auger is usually used when a hard layer needs to be penetrated (bog ore, limestone and limestone profiles.)
Piston Sampler (1) - very suitable for sampling less cohesive soil layers (sand) below the groundwater table. The piston sampler is also suitable for sampling sediments with a sand content.
Gouge auger (1) The gouge auger can be used for sampling a minimal disturbance of more or less soft, cohesive layers e.g. wet clay, peat.
Polyester rope (2) diameter 6 mm, length 5 m, with noose including carabine hook.
Extension rod i metre (4) including coupling sleeve sleeve
Bent Spatula 20 cm
Push/Pull handle (1) diameter 22.2 mm
Coupling sleeve (2)
Sounding Device, (1) diam 17 mm with eye.
Measuring tape (1) glass fibre with hook for sounding device, length 5 m.
Field data registration set (1)
Work gloves, pair, oil and grease resistant, sturdy with short sleeve.
Maintenance Kit (1) (brush oilpad vaseline)
Utility Probe with cone diameter (1) 19 mm, fibre glass, length 105 cm, diameter shaft 12.5 mm . For safely checking the substratum for cables tubes and pipes.
Aluminium Transport Case, with padlock dims 108 x 23 x 14 cms (outside)