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The Maturity Meter is a single channel Tinytag or Tinytalk data logger fitted with a 150mm x 6mm dia temperature probe. Maturity of hydrating concrete is a function of its temperature history. Concretes of the same mix at the same maturity have approximately the same strength, irrespective of the actual temperatures experienced. A maturity meter records the changes in temperature generated in the hydrating concrete, then applies a mathematical formula to the measurements to calculate maturity. Numerous mathematical formulae have been proposed for calculating maturity, and the present meter gives three different options.

     maturity = ( T + 10 ) x time     (  B.S. 8110 )

     maturity = ( T + 16 )� x time     ( Sadgrove )

     maturity using the Arrhenius function

To enable the strength of the concrete to be more easily estimated, the computed values from the three maturity relationships are expressed as the equivalent age of the same concrete cured at 20�C.

The Maturity Meter is is a miniature single channel data logger, attached to a 6mm diameter temperature probe by a 1m long flexible cable.

The logger is programmed to take readings at pre-set time intervals by connecting it to the serial port of a personal computer. The logger is then dis-connected from the computer and runs on its internal battery while recording temperature and time.

At the end of the recording phase, the computer is re-connected and the recorded data output to the personal computer. Additional software is then used to calculate the maturity values.

Specification Logger

  • Height: 30mm
  • Width: 60mm
  • Depth: 80 mm
  • Weight: 0.12 kg
  • Memory: 2k EPROM giving 1800 readings or 8K EPROM giving 7600 readings.
  • Pt100 temperature probe range - 50 to + 300 Centigrade.