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S.F.P.P. MODULE IP 419 - pr-EN


IP 419 - pr-EN


Simulated Filter Plugging Point is the new laboratory test for assessment of low temperature operability of Modern Diesel Fuels. SFPP provides a safer indication of operability and a much improved level of protection cold flow operability problems: especially tendency of paraffin waxes to settle in the tank of vehicles parked outside during a cold night. This tendency depends on the quality of gas oil, the kind of additives, the rate of doping and the thermal conditions.


  • Compatible with a variety of automatic CFPP models
  • Reliable indication of operability
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Excellent reproducibility

    Complete tester containing a specific filtration kit, a built-in vacuum system progressively applied from 0 to 16 kPa in 60 seconds. A regulated jacket allowing a cooling rate of 6�C per hour, a 45 ml pipette, and a 57 ml test jar ( to specify according to the CFPP model)