Moisture Meters for Wood
Compact Wood Moisture Meter


The Compact is a hand-held instrument designed to instantly and accurately measure moisture content in wood, wood by-products and building materials such as roofing., insulation, plaster and brick. Using built-in electronic probes, or optional interchangeable electrodes, the Compact measures moisture content which is then indicated on a clearly calibrated analog dial. The Compact provides a full range of readings, from 7% to 40% moisture in wood, and 0-100 on colour-coded relative scale. This pocket-size, and versatile instrument offers an accurate, fast and convinient way of moisture measurement at a low cost.

The Professional is a hand-held instrument designed to take precise measurements of moisture content in wood and wood products. Using built-in electronic probes, or optional interchangeable electrodes, the Professional is easy to use, extremely, giving readings from 8% to 40% in 0.1% increments over the entire measurement range. Readings are displayed on the large clearview digital LCD dial.
Professional offers a most practical and accurate way of ensuring that wood is at correct moisture level for its intended use, proving to be a vital tool for good quality control.

These portable, battery-operated meters combine a sophisticated electronic design with a durable, lightweight aluminum housing. A choice of interchangeable electrodes and pins makes the Compact and Professional flexible enough for virtually any application. The selection of electrodes includes: deep hammer type, shallow penetration and deep wall type.
Prfessional Wood Moisture Meter


If you are interested in the Flooring Inspection Kit, please note that it includes both the Concrete Encounter and the Professional Moisture Meter.
Download a Product Data Sheet Download a PDF spec sheet for the Compact and Professional Moisture Meters