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Rock, Concrete, Masonry Saw

Specimen Cutting

Masonry and Rock Cutting Saws

"MAJOR" - Large Capacity Model

Masonry/rock cutting saw for materials up to 392 mm thick. Maximum blade capacity 500mm diameter, maximum depth of cut 195mm. Motor 2.0hp manually operated. Net weight 165 kg
110 0r 240 volt 50 or 60 Hz 1 ph

"JUNIOR" - Medium Capacity Model

Similar to the above unit , this saw can accommodate a circular cutting blade of up to 350mm diameter giving a maximum single depth of cut of 125mm, i.e. a total depth of 250mm by reversing the material.Motor 1.5hp manually operated. Net weight 97 kg
110 0r 240 volt 50 or 60 Hz 1 ph

Petrol engined versions are also available.

Diamond Saw Blades

350, 450 and 500mm diameter diamond blades for Heavy Duty Use and also for concrete.