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The Surveymaster SM

A dual function instrument that combines the proven two-pin inspection method with a new non-invasive radio frequency technique. The result is...

...a NEW moisture meter for rapid and thorough inspection of buildings for dampness on and below a surface.

This easy-to-use instrument employs two electronic circuits:

The first is for the conventional two pin method which shows whether a surface is dry, damp or wet. This is known as the Measure mode.

The second is based on radio frequency emissions with the electronics located in a 'bulge' at the back of the instrument. It is capable of measuring moisture through many wall and floor coverings and ceramic tiles. This is known as the Search mode.

Measure Mode

The two-pin measure mode. This shows by means of green, yellow and red LED's whether a surface is safe ie air-dry, 'borderline' or damp. The dampness measured is quantified on the LCD display to one decimal place in terms of % wood-moisture-equivalent (%WME).

Search Mode

The new search mode. This shows by means of the same colour coded LED display as the measure mode if the fabric of a wall is dry or damp below a surface. There is also a volume-adjustable audiable alarm synchronised with the display. In this mode the meter employs radio frequency emissions (RFE) to measure moisture through most wall and floor coverings including ceramic tiles.

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