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API 2542; API 2548; API MPMS Chapter 10.3. ASTM D91; D96; D893; D1290; D1796; D1966; D2273; D2709; D2711; D4007. BS 2882 (Obs).DIN 51 793. FTMS 791b Methods 3000; 3003; 3004; 3101; 3121; 5661. IP 75 (Obs); 359. ISO 3734. NF M07-020.

The Oil Test Centrifuge is a microprocessor controlled, programmable, heating centrifuge that meets the above Standards


  • 2254g Relative Centrifugal Force
  • Up to 3000rpm
  • 0 to 60 minutes timer or continuous operation
  • Heated bowl chamber 30 to 70�C
  • 4-bucket rotor head
  • Accommodates 6 and 8 inch glassware
  • Microprocessor control with 9 memories
  • Near silent operation
  • Full range of accessories
  • Optional � Hazard Reduction System�
    The Oil Test Centrifuge has a 4 position rotor and bucket assembly which accepts 4 borosilicate glass centrifuge tubes (6 or 8 inch conical, 8 inch trace sediment or 8 inch pear-shaped types are available). Each tube rests in a specific-to-type adaptor, the adaptors locate into the universal pivoting buckets mounted on the rotor head.

    The Oil Test Centrifuge has a large volume, temperature controlled bowl which allows the tubes to return to the nearupright (vertical) position after rotation. This reduces the possibility of incorrect measurements.

    Speed, temperature, and timing are microprocessor controlled. Run parameters are entered via the front panel controls and digital displays. All parameters can be altered at any time during a run. Up to 9 run profiles can be stored in the on-board memory.

    The speed of the centrifuge can be controlled and monitored by selecting either the rotational speed mode or the RCF (relative centrifugal force) mode. The rotational speed can be set in 10 rev/min increments up to a maximum of 3000 rev/min, or the RCF can be set in 10g increments to a maximum of 2254g. The rotor head will accelerate to the pre-set speed in under 25 seconds and retardation of the rotor is controlled to give a smooth deceleration.

    The braking time is programmable from a slow retardation of 110 seconds to rapid braking in less than 30 seconds.

    The chamber is heated by an external helical element, and is controlled to within �1�C across a temperature range of 30 to 70�C. When the lid is closed, the chamber is automatically pre-heated to approximately 4�C below the set temperature. Once the centrifuge is started, the chamber temperature rises to the set temperature within two minutes. A complex software algorithm compensates for the temperature differential between the chamber and the rotating sample. During the run, the corrected temperature is displayed.

    The run duration can be set between 1 and 60 minutes in one-minute increments, or set for continuous operation. A �Quick Run� mode is provided, which operates the centrifuge while the �Quick Run� key is depressed. In �Quick Run� mode, the display shows the elapsed time in seconds up to a maximum of 99 seconds.

    The centrifuge lid is locked closed by a motor driven rotary latch. The latch is fitted with a safety interlock to prevent centrifuge operation while the lid is unlocked. The lid status and latch operation are indicated on the display panel. An imbalance detector will stop the centrifuge if the rotor head has an imbalance of over 8 grams. The motor and the chamber are fitted with overtemperature protection devices. The centrifuge is almost silent in operation with measured noise levels below 65 dB (A).

    The 90000-2 centrifuge meets the requirements of BS 4402; DIN 58970 parts 1, 2 and 4; and UVV VBG 7z.

    A three phase asynchronous motor, controlled by a frequency converter, drives the rotor head. The brushless design ensures high reliability and low maintenance. Comprehensive error messaging, on-board diagnostics, and a self-test mode allow rapid identification and rectification of any fault that may occur.

    Heating volatile samples, or samples with added solvent, can result in the production of flammable and/or toxic vapours. The Hazard Reduction System prevents the uncontrolled release of these vapours from the centrifuge. The system extracts vapour from near the top rim of the chamber, maintaining the pressure in the chamber at slightly below atmospheric. Any vapour extracted is diluted with air, and can be safely discharged into a non-hazardous area. The vacuum inside the chamber is monitored by a vacuum switch, and the system is interlocked to ensure safe operation of the centrifuge. The Hazard Reduction System is quickly fitted to the centrifuge and connected to an external compressed air supply. Measures 18 x 13 x 12cm and weighs 2kg.

    Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force (RCF): 2254g Maximum Rotational Speed: 3000 rev/min Chamber Temperature Range: 30 to 70�C (+/- 1�C) Timer Range: 1 to 60 minutes or continuous operation Control: Microprocessor with 9 memory capacity Capacity: 4 Samples Voltage range: 230V (Optional transformer available for 120V) Frequency: 50/60 Hz Power: 1000W Size (HxWxD): 44.5 x 61 x 73 cm (note height variation if mounted on optional trolleys) Weight: 86 kg


    90001-2: BUCKET ADAPTOR, for 90040-0 and 90060-0 glassware (Pack of 4)

    90003-2: BUCKET ADAPTOR, for 90050-0 glassware (Pack of 4)

    90005-2: BUCKET ADAPTOR, for 90011-0 glassware (Pack of 4)

    90014-0: LOW TROLLEY with lockable castors (height 68cm with centrifuge)

    90015-0: HIGH TROLLEY with lockable castors (height 99cm with centrifuge)

    90016-0: TRANSFORMER for 120V 60Hz operation


    90011-0: TUBE, 6 inch x 100ml cone-shaped borosilicate glass, graduated to 0.05ml (Pack of 6)

    90040-0: TUBE, 8 inch x 100ml cone-shaped borosilicate glass, graduated to 0.05ml (Pack of 6)

    90050-0: TUBE, 8 inch x 100ml pear-shaped borosilicate glass, graduated to 0.1ml (Pack of 6)

    90060-0: TUBE, 100ml trace-sediment borosilicate glass, graduated to 0.05ml (Pack of 6)

    90041-2: STOPPERS

    Sample Conditioning:
    90200-4: WATER BATH, ambient to 80�C

    90300-0: BLOCK HEATER, for use with 90301-0 to dry heat tubes

    90301-0: BLOCK (aluminium) holds up to 4 x 90040-0 or 90060-0 tubes

    90202-2: RACK, holds 6 x 90011-0 tubes

    90203-2: RACK, holds 6 x 90040-0 or 90060-0 tubes

    90204-2: RACK, holds 4 x 90050-0 tubes

    99100-2: ANALYTICAL BALANCE, required for ASTM D893 test method

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