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Selection of the MASTRAD's special standardized equipment


ASTM D4 Force Measuring Assembly for Tensile Properties of Bituminous Materials

ASTM D20 D246 Distillation Apparatus for Bituminous Material, Tar Products and Creosote

ASTM D127 Drop Melting point of Petroleum Wax

ASTM D139 Float Test Apparatus of Bituminous Materials

ASTM D182 D248 Extractor of Acid and Salt Content of Crude Petroleum

ASTM D187 Burning Quality of Kerosine

ASTM D240 D1989 D2382 D3286 D4809 D5468 E711 ISO 1927 Calorific Value and Combustion Heat Oil Calorimeter

ASTM D287 D1070 D1298 D4052 D5002 ISO 3675 (traceable to) Automatic Density/Specific Gravity & Concentration meter of Gases, Liquid and Crude Petroleum

ASTM D402 EN 13358 Distillation Apparatus for Cut-Back Asphalt Products

ASTM D447 Manual Distillation of Plant Oils

ASTM D473 ISO 3735 Sediment Extractor

ASTM D664 D2896 Free Acidic or Alkaline Parts in Greases and Total Base No Tester

ASTM D849 Copper Corrosion Tester of Industrial Aromatics Hydrocarbon

ASTM D87 ISO 3841 Melting Point Tester of Petroleum Wax

ASTM D938 ISO 2207 Congealing Point Tester of Solid Hydrocarbons and Waxes

ASTM D94 ISO 6293 Saponification Number Tester of Petroleum Products

ASTM D95 D244 D370 E123 Metal Water Separator

ASTM D971 Lecomte du Nouy Interfacial Tensiometer of Oil against Water

ASTM D972 D2878 Evaporation Loss Tester of Lubricants

ASTM D974 Neutralization Number Tester by Color Indicator Titration

ASTM D1026 Ash Tester by Platinum Crucible

ASTM D1085 Tank Car Gauging Pole

ASTM D1091 IP149 Phosphor Analyser in Lubricating Oils and Their Additives

ASTM D1092 Low Temperature Pressure Viscometer of Lubricating Greases

ASTM D1160 Fully Automatic Vacuum Distillation of Crude Rresidue and High Boiling Mineral Oil Fractions

ASTM D1160 Manual Vacuum Distillation of Crude Rresidue and High Boiling Mineral Oil Fractions

ASTM D1218 D1747 D2002 D2159 Automatic and Manual Abbe Refractometers

ASTM D1264 ASTM D4950 Water Washout Tester of Lubricating Greases

ASTM D1310 D3143 Tag Open Cup Flash Tester

ASTM D1384 Corrosion Tester for Engine Coolants in Glassware

ASTM D1404 Deleterious Particles Determination Tester in Lubricating Grease

ASTM D1465 Blocking and Picking Points Tester of Petroleum Wax

ASTM D1478 ASTM D4693 D4950 Low Temperature Torque Tester of Lubricating Grease

ASTM D1559 AASHTO T245 Automatic and Manual Marshall Compactor

ASTM D1559 AASHTO T245 Automatic Marshall Compression and Testing Machine for Resistance to Plastic Flow of Bituminous Mixtures

ASTM D1657 ISO 3993 Pressure Hydrometer Cylinder

ASTM D1662 Active Sulphur Tester in Cutting Fluids

ASTM D1740 Burning Luminometer of Aviation Turbine Fuels

ASTM D1743 Corrosion Preventive Properties Tester

ASTM D1743 D4950 Corrosion Preventive Properties Tester of Lubricating Greases

ASTM D1748 Humidity Cabinet of Rust Protection by Metal Preservatives

ASTM D1816 High Voltage Insulating Oil Tester

ASTM D1840 Naphtalene Hydrocarbons Analyser in Aviation Fuels by UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

ASTM D1881 Foam Tester of Engine Antifreezes

ASTM D2001 Depentanization Tester of Gasolines and Naphtas

ASTM D2002 Silica Gel Adsorption Tester of Total Aromatic Content in Gasolines and other Debutanized Hydrocarbon Mixtures

ASTM D2170 Asphalt Viscosity Meter

ASTM D2171 Asphalt Vacuum Capillary Viscometer

ASTM D2266 D2596 D2783 Four Ball Tester

ASTM D2266 D3702 D4172 Multiple Tester for Wear and Friction Tester

ASTM D2276 D3830 Particulate Contaminant Sampler of Aviation Turbine Fuels

ASTM D2384 D2784 D2785 ISO 4260 EN 41 IP 243 Wickbold Sulphur and Chlorine Tester

ASTM D2385 Cadmium Sulfate Iodometric Titrator for Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercaptan Sulfur in Natural Gas

ASTM D2420 NFM 41011 Hydrogen Sulfide in LPG by the Lead Acetate Method

ASTM D2509 D2782 Timken Lubricant Test Machine

ASTM D2547 D526 Extractor of Lead in Gasolines and other Volatile Distillates

ASTM D2619 Hydrolitic Stability of Hydraulic Fluids by the Beverage Bottle Method

ASTM D2624 IP 274/95 Electrical Conductivity Meter of Aviation Fuels and Distillate Fuels Containing a Static Dissipator Additing (Field method and In-line method)

ASTM D2625 D2670 D3233 Pin and Prisms Machine

ASTM D2711 Demulsibility Tester of Lubricating Oils

ASTM D2713 Propane Dryness Tester

ASTM D2878 D2595 High Temperature Evaporation Loss Tester of Lubricating Greases over Wide Temperature Range

ASTM D2887 D3710 D5307 D6352 Simulated Distillation by Gas Chromatography

ASTM D2892 Automatic TBP Distillation of Crude petroleum and Petroleum Fractions

ASTM D2892 Semi-Automatic TBP Distillation of Crude petroleum and Petroleum Fractions

ASTM D2892 Manual TBP Distillation of Crude petroleum and Petroleum Fractions

ASTM D2983 Low Temperature Viscometer

ASTM D3227 ISO 3012 Mercaptan Sulphur Potentiometer in Gasoline, Kerosine, Aviation Turbine and Distillate Fuels

ASTM D3242 D664 TAN/TBN Titrator

ASTM D3245 Portable Viscometer

ASTM D3336 High Speed High Temperature Bearing Test Machine

ASTM D3366 Colorimeter of Maleic and Phthaleic Amhydrides

ASTM D3527 D4290 D4950 High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease Tester

ASTM D3603 Rust Preventive Tester

ASTM D3799 Freezing Point Tester of Styrene

ASTM D3921 Non-Dispersive Infrared Photometer of Total Hydrocarbon Contents in Solvent Extracts of Water and Soil

ASTM D3948 D4860 D5000 Water Micro-Separometer of Aviation Turbine Fuels

ASTM D4006 ISO 9029 Water Determination Tester in Crude Oils

ASTM D4048 Copper Corrosion Tester of Lubricating Grease

ASTM D4049 Water Spray Tester for Resistance of Lubricating Grease

ASTM D4294 Sulfur in Oil XRF Analyzer

ASTM D4305 Filter Flow of Aviation Fuels at Low Temperatures (FFLT) Analyser

ASTM D4310 Sludging Tendencies of Inhibited Mineral Oils

ASTM D4340 Corrosion Tester of Cast Aluminium Alloys in Engine Coolants

ASTM D4422 Ash tester by Conradson Crucible

ASTM D4539 Low Temperature Filterability Tester LTFT

ASTM D4636 Oxidation Stability Tester

ASTM D4683 High Temperature High Shear Rate Viscometer HTHS

ASTM D4741 High Temperature High Shear Rate Viscometer HTHS of Engine Lubricants

ASTM D4742 Rotating Bomb Oxidation Tester by Sample Glass with Aluminium Insert

ASTM D483 Unsulphonated Residue Tester in Petroleum Plant Spray Oils

ASTM D4870 Total Sediment Tester in Residual Fuel Oils

ASTM D4928 Automatic Karl Fischer Titrator for Water Content of Crude Oils, Turbine/Lubricating Oils, Transformer/Insulating Oils, Liquid, Gas and Solid Samples

ASTM D4929-99 Determination of Organic Chloride Content in Crude Oil

ASTM D4950 D566 ISO 2176 Dropping Point Tester of Lubricating Grease

ASTM D4998 D5182 CEC L-07-A-71 Gear Test Rig

ASTM D5194-96 Trace Chloride in Liquid Aromatic Hydrocarbons

ASTM D5293 D2602 Cold Cranking Simulator

ASTM D5304 Pressure Vessel of Distillate Fuel Storage Stability by Oxygen Overpressure

ASTM D5481 D4624 High Temperature High Shear Rate Viscometer HTHS

ASTM D5188 D5191 D5482 D4814 D323 D2533 D4953 Vapour Pressure Analyser

ASTM D5506 Automatic Refractometer

ASTM D566 ISO 2176 Dropping Point Tester of Greases

ASTM D5704 Thermal Oxidation Stability Tester of Automotive Gear Lubricants

ASTM D5706 Lubricity Tester for Lubricating Greases

ASTM D5707 Lubricity Tester

ASTM D5800 NOACK Evaporation Loss Tester of Lubricating Oils

ASTM D5801 P243 Toughness and tenacity Static Pull Test Rig of Bituminous Material

ASTM D5808-95 Organic Chloride in Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Chemicals by Microcoulometry

ASTM D5968 D4636 Corrosivity and Oxidation Stability Tester

ASTM D6074 Oil Sampler

ASTM D6082 Sequence IV Foam Tester

ASTM D6158 Rust Preventive Tester

ASTM D6184 Oil Separation Tester from Lubricating Grease during Storage

ASTM D6278 D3945 Shear Stability Tester by Diesel Injector Rig

ASTM D6366-99 Total Trace Nitrogen and Its Derivatives in Liquid Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Oxidative Combustion and Electrochemical Detection

ASTM D6371 Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester CFPP

ASTM D6428-99 Total Sulfur in Liquid Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives by Oxidative Combustion and Electrochemical Detection

ASTM E659 Auto-Ignition Tester of Liquid Chemicals

ASTM E681-98 Concentration Limits of Flammability of Chemicals (Vapors and Gases)

ASTM E1678 Toxicity & Corrosivity Tester of Plastics

ASTM G99 Pin on Disc Machine

ASTM P226 Ductility Machine

ASTM Thermometer Calibration Bath

BP5-6 Automatic Melting Point Tester

CEC F-06-A-96 ISO/DIS 12156-2 High Frequency Reciprocating Rig HFRR for Oils and Lubricants

CEC L-45-T-93 Viscosity Shear Stability tester of Transmission Lubricants

EN 12662 Filtration Tester of Insoluble Matters and Total Contamination in Mineral Oils Products

EN 13357 Road tar Viscometer

ENpr 13823 Single Burning Item Tester (SBI)

ENpr ISO 11925-2 Small Flame Ignitability Tester

ENpr ISO 9239 Flooring Radiant Panel Tester

FTM 791-3451.4 Navy Work Factor Machine for Stability of Lubricating Oils

FTM 791-3462 Coking Panel Tester of Oil

GPA 2140 Propane Dryness Tester

ISO 10307 Total Sediment Tester in Residual Fuel Oils

ISO 11007 Dynamic Anti Rust Tester of Lubricating Greases

ISO 1182 Non-Combustibility Tester

ISO 12205 Oxidation Tester by Extreme Pressure of Lubricating Oils

ISO 13757 Volatility and Residues Tester in LPG

ISO 1928 Oil Calorimeter

ISO 2137 Penetrometer of Greases and Waxes

ISO 3735 Sediment Extractor

ISO 3840 FTM 791-1040 ASTM D1019 Olefinic and Aromatic Hydrocarbons Tester by Sulphonation

ISO 4262 ASTM D6074 Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Tester

ISO 4625 ASTM E28 Softening Point Tester

ISO 5657 Ignitability Tester

ISO 5658 Flame Spread Tester

ISO 5659 Conical Radiant Furnace for Smoke Chamber

ISO 6251 LPG Copper Corrosion Tester

ISO 6614 ASTM D6074 D6158 Water Separability Tester

ISO 6617 Oxudation Stability Tester of Mineral Oils

ISO 9120 Air Release Tester

ISO 9705 Large Scale Heat Release Tester

prEN ISO 9239 Flooring Radiant Panel Tester

IP 375 Hot Filtration Test Apparatus

NFM 41011 IP103 Sampling System for determination of Hydrogen Sulfide

Content in LPG by the Lead Acetate or the Cadmium Sulphate Method

AFNOR XP T 66-041 Extractor of Hydrocarbon Binders by Tetrachloroethylene Extraction

AASHTO TP3 Tensile Machine of Strain at Failure for Asphalt Binders at Very Low Temperatures

AASHTO TP31 & TP46Resilient Modulus Tester of Pavement Construction Materials and Subgrade Soils

AASHTO TP9 Creep Compliance and Tensile Strength Tester of Hot Asphalt Mix at Low Temperatures

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