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Friction Tester

Friction Tester

Portable Skid Resistance Tester

TRL Pendulum Friction Tester

Developed by the Road Research Laboratory

This outstanding contribution to road safety is the result of over 10 years intensive development by the Road Research Laboratory of the Department of Scientific and Industrial a British Government organization concerned with studying problems that aise in designing, building maintaining and using highways.

The instrument which is direct reading, gives a measure of the friction between a skidding tyre and wet road surface. It provides the Highway Engineer with a practical means of obtaining reliable scientific evidence on which to take the appropriate measures to reduce skidding.

Satisfies the following standards:EN 13036-4 EN 1097-8, ASTM E303, BS812:114, NLT 174, CNR No 105, 140 & Australian Standard (AS3661.1:1993)

Also can be used for testing slip resistance of floors and sports surfaces.

To ensure consistency and maintenance of standard all instruments are submitted to the British Standards Institute for calibration and approval before supply to customers, for which a separate fee is charged.



Portable Skid Resistance Tester Outfit comprising Tester, 6 rubber sliders, thermometer, perspex setting gauge, 2 spanners, water bottle, collapsible stool with tool tray, tools and translucent plastic cover, complete in transportable case with 'Instructions for Use' Cat. No. 89100


Studies of accident sites have revealed that the polishing of roadstone is a maior factor in skidding. An important application of the Skid Tester is in the laboratory determination of the resistance of roadstone to polishing.

Detachable Scale for Stone Polishing Tests, complete in case with 6 mounted rubber sliders. Cat. No. 89101

Base Plate for laboratory use of Skid Tester with specimen mounting block. Cat. No. 89105


As the nature of the rubber used for sliders has a critical bearing on the performance for the Tester, and as no rubber properties can be guaranteed for longer than two years, the date of issue is marked on each slider.

Spare mounted rubber sliders for use with Main Tester. Cat. No. 881032

Spare mounted rubber sliders for Stone Polishing Tests. Cat. No. 881035

Weights & Dimensions (approximate)

Weight Dimensions (cms)

Instrument, complete with accessories in case 32Kg 83 x 75 x 35cms
Base plate for laboratory use 8Kg 64 x 48 x 6cms
Detachable Scale with sliders 0.35Kg 20 x 13 x 6cms

Skid Resistance TestThe resistance of wet road surfaces to skidding can be checked by means of a Portable Skid-resistance Tester (Portable Pendulum Tester). This apparatus is used to measure the frictional resistance between a rubber slider (mounted on the end of a pendulum arm) and the road surface. This method provide a measure of frictional property, microtexture of surfaces, either in the field or in the laboratory.

Skid Resistance TestThe quantity measured with the portable tester has been termed "Skid-resistance" and this correlates with the performance of a vehicle with patterned tyres braking with locked wheels on a wet road at 50 km/h.
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