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Pogo Test

Pogo Test

Penetration Test for Foamed Concrete


Before a foamed concrete trench reinstatement may be satisfactorily surfaced with a bituminous base and wearing course, the foamed concrete must have sufficient strength to allow the full compaction of these surface layers.

The HAUC Specification for the excavation and reinstatement of openings in highways recommends the use of a simple penetration or indentation test to confirm that the reinstatement has gained adequate strength before surfacing begins.

No strength requirement is stipulated in the HAUC specification; however site tests have shown that satisfactory compaction of the bituminous material can be achieved once the foamed concrete has developed an indicated compressive strength of 1 N/mm squared

The 'Pogo' Tester is a simple, non- electronic site tester which will indicate when a foamed concrete trench reinstatement is ready to be surfaced.

Before testing, the reinstatement area selected should be cleared of any loose material, dust etc..

The spring-loaded plunger at the base of the tester is pressed manually onto the surface to be checked until the red indicator appears at the top of the tube VVhen this can be done without producing a significant indentation ( less than 1 mm ) in the foamed concrete, the reinstatement has gained a nominal strength of at least 1 N/mm squared Indentation depths between 2 and 5 mm are likely to be formed in material with a cube crushing strength of 0.5 N/mm squared.

The 'Pogo' Tester should , however, be regarded as a go/no-go gauge. No attempt should be made to estimate the strength of the foamed concrete from the depth of any indentation.

Weight : 1.8 kg
Length: 850mm
Downward force required: (112 Ibf)