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Direct and rapid method of measuring the water content of fresh concrete samples


More emphasis is being placed on specifying and controlling the water content of a concrete mix, because of its influence on strength and durability.

The RAMoven provides a direct, rapid and accurate method of measuring the water content of fresh concrete samples.

The RAMoven is a powerful commercial microwave oven operating on 220 / 240 volts. The water content of the concrete is found by drying a sample of approximately 2.5 kg until no further loss of weight is observed ( typical drying time 15 minutes ).

The method has been shown to be very accurate over a wide range of concrete types and conditions.

Conventional drying ovens or domestic microwave ovens of lower power are not suitable since some water becomes chemically bound in the cement hydration process during their much longer drying times.

The RAMoven is supplied with oven trays, glass-cloth wrappers (to prevent sample spitting ), oven gloves and a full instruction manual.

An electronic balance of 5 kg capacity with a sensitivity of 0.1 g can be supplied if required.

The 220 / 240 volt microwave oven has a micro-processor-controlled timing system, and a power rating of 1700 watts.

External dimensions and weight
Height: 518 mm
VVidth: 592 mm
Depth: 662 mm
Weight: Approximately 56; kg

User kit
The user kit supplied comprises:
4 heat-resistant glass trays suitable for 2.5 kg samples
50 glass-fibre cloths (partly reusable) for sample wrapping
Oven gloves