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Distillation Plants

Distillation Columns. Distillation from 0.1 to 200 liters ( Atmospheric, Vacuum, Pressurized, TBP, Potstill, single-multi stage, with Fractions Collector ... )

PilotDist 104 Labscale Batch Distillation Unit Pilotdist 256 CC Pilot ABS

Distillation D86 Auto Destillasjon

FCC Plants ( Fluidized Catalytic Cracking )

MAT ( Micro-Activity Testing ) product line of labscale Vapor Units to characterize FCC catalysts.

Davison Circulated Riser (DCR) Pilot Plant for FCC


Akzo Nobel’s Cyclic Deactivation (CD) Technology for FCC


Delayed Coking and Visbreaking Pilot Plants

Deasphalting Plants up to 60 Bar, with recovery of the solvents, especially designed for Super-critical Propane, and heavy solvents ( NMP, Furfural ... ).

Hydro-De-Sulphurization Plants (HDS)

Desalting of crude oils

Catalytic Dewaxing

Hydroprocessing Hydro-Treating, Hydro-Cracking and Combination of operations. Several Units with 1 to 4 reactors from 10 cc to 1 liter are available.


Isomerisation Plants

Isothermic, Adiabatic, Catalytic Reforming

Synthesis Lab-scale Unit

Production and control of Octan Improvers, such as Methyl-Tertiar-Butyl-Ether (MTBE)

Automatisk Motor Komparator iht ASTM D 2885 Oktan-Cetan-Svovel-Analyser

Automotive Post-Combustion Unit

Extractors for lubricants

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