The Side-Kick is a portable component system designed for detection of moisture beneath black EPDM and Butyl based roofing materials. Safe, non-destructive electronic detection system locates and traces leaks back to their source and identifies substrate damage incurred.

Operation and Function

  • As the operator walks across the roof pressing the hand­held extension probe onto the surface of the EPDM roofing material, low frequency (17-20 KHz) signal is passed through the electrically conductive EPDM material.
  • A second lead from the Side-Kick the roof deck by means of an alligator clip connected to a protrusion through the roof surface or edge trim.
  • During an instant of the AC cycle, an area of the EPDM roofing surrounding the probe is positive and the deck is negative.
  • As opposite charges are attracted to each other, negative charges will try to flow towards positive charges and visa versa.
  • When the roof construction is dry, the roof deck and underside of the EPDM is wet, the resistance decreases by at least 6 order of magnitude (i.e. 1,000,000 times) and hence a current flows and is measured.
  • The greater the density of moisture (wetness), the stronger the audible and visual signal from the Side-Kick.


  • Leak tracing on roofs having EPDM or Butyl rubber-waterproofing membranes above the insulation (water often leaks into the building a considerable distance from the point of entry into the roof).
  • Preventive Maintenance (indicates presence of moisture between the EPDM membrane and the roof deck, which cannot be accessed by visual inspection or core cuts alone).
  • Assessing condition and extent of moisture prior to repairs, retrofit or re-roofing.
  • Quality control inspection on new roofs.
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