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Automatic Slump Cone Lifter

The slump test is used on site for testing the workability of fresh concrete. One problem that can occur is that operators lift the cone sideways, as well as upwards during the test, causing the concrete to slump sideways.

To eliminate this problem, the Automatic Slump Cone Lifter ensures that the cone is removed vertically upwards at a pre-determined rate hence removing one of the variables from the test.

An internal spring and hydraulic oil system is used to govern the rate at which the cone moves upwards.

The slump cone is placed on the base plate of the lifter and filled in the normal method.

After trowelling the top surface, the automatic lifter is connected to the slump cone and the mechanism released to remove the cone vertically upwards.

The cone is then positioned adjacent to the concrete and the slump measured with a steel rule.

As supplied, the apparatus consists of:

  • Automatic Lifter
  • Slump Cone

extras if required:

  • Slump Cone Funnel
  • Tamping Rod
  • Base Plate
  • Steel Rule