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Moisture Indicator

The Aqua-Spear is a totally new concept for measuring the moisture content of bulk granular materials. Using state of the art electronics, the Aqua-Spear measures the Dielectric content of the material to determine its moisture content.

The stainless steel probe is simply inserted into the material and the percentage moisture content is displayed instantly on the LCD.

The Aqua-Spear has been used successfuly on a wide range of materials including sand, ceramic powder,cement, paracetamol etc, where it is possible to achieve an accuracy of �0.1%.

The Aqua-Spear has been designed as a moisture indicator and has a valuable role to play in identifying areas for further investigation.

Moisture gradients usually exist in stockpiled materials and although test methods like the oven test or infra-red balance offer an acceptable degree of accuracy, they are much too slow to allow enough samples to be tested at different points in the material to build up an accurate moisture profile. With the Aqua-Spear you will no longer have this problem as test results are available instantly and therefore several checks can be carried