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Temperature Simulators

  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Choice of Ranges Available

    Thermometer Checkers have been developed to verify the continuing accuracy of type 'K' thermocouple thermometers, with a 0.1 or 1°C resolution. Each instrument electronically simulates three fixed temperatures, enabling inspectors or managers to check the accuracy of each instrument at three known points, without the need for specialised equipment or conversion tables. Each checker is supplied with a 1 metre retractable connecting lead.

  • 271-001
    0°C, +100°C, +500°C
    -20°C, +20°C, +200°C
    -20°C, 0°C, +220°C

    Temperature Simulators

    Hart 9100 Dry-Well Heat Source
  • Range +33°C to +300°C
  • High Accuracy & Stability

    The 9100 dry-well checks the accuracy of thermometers and sensors as a system. The 9100 is a high accuracy portable heat source, which is extremely easy to use. Compare the temperature reading of your thermometer and probe, to the displayed temperature of the 9100 and the difference is the error.

    The 9100 features a bright, easy to read LED display, with a temperature range of +33 to +300°C, a resolution of 0.1°C with an accuracy of �0.5°C over the range of +33 to +300°C, a resolution of 0.1°C and �1°C accuracy over the range of +100 to +300°C. The 9100 is ideal for use in a variety of industrial and process applications and is powered by 180 to 260V AC 50/60Hz.

    The unit is supplied with a traceable certificate of calibration, showing actual test data, which can be used as part of a ISO 9000 quality assurance programme. An optional carrying case is available.

  • 822-100
    Hart 9100
    Carrying Case