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Thermo-hygrometer 1701

EN 50081-1 : 1992, EN 50082-1: 1992

Thermo-Hygrometer 1701
The 1701 is an easy to use relative humidity and air temperature measuring instrument. The display incorporates a multi-function, 4-digit LCD display with "�C/�F", "% RH", "Max/Min" and "Hold" indication. There is an automatic display of both "Open Circuit" and "Low Battery". The 1701 hygrometer probe is non-interchangeable but is detachable via a 6-pin connector. RH calibration test capsules are available at 33% and 75% (supplied as a pair).



Model Temperature Humidity
Range 0 to +50�C +10 to 95% RH
Resolution 0.1�C 0.1%
Accuracy �0.5�C �1 digit �3% (15 to 90%)
Sensor Type Semi Conductor Thin Film Polymer
Battery Life Approximately 100 hours
Battery 9V MN1604/PP3
Display Custom LCD
Dimensions 30 x 70 x 168mm
Weight 215 grams


These instruments comply with the EMC Directives
EN 50081-1 : 1992, EN 50082-1: 1992
; All instrumentation carry a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and component failure.