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Temperature Matched Curing Bath

Temperature Matched Curing Bath

Allows accurate estimation of strength development of concrete


VVhen concrete is cast, heat liberated by the hydrating cement causes a rise in concrete temperature. The larger the mass of concrete, the greater will be the rise in temperature, with a consequent increase in the rate of strength development.

Cubes stored alongside the mass concrete will also exhibit a rise in temperature, but to a much lesser degree. Hence, at any time during the early age of the concrete, the strength developed by the test cube will be less than that developed by the mass concrete, and so will provide an underestimation of the latter's strength.

The Temperature Matched Curing Bath ensures that the temperature experienced by the reference cubes matches that of the structure, and so the strength developed by the cubes will increase at the same rate as that of the mass concrete.

Use of the equipment will result in cost savings as the more accurate estimation of strength development will allow earlier striking times on formwork or an earlier start to prestressing.

The Temperature Matched Curing Bath consists of three parts:
1. A curing tank for nine 100 mm cubes complete with lid, stirrer and immersion heater.
2. A control box with temperature controller and a three-pen chart recorder to provide a permanent temperature record. A battery system is provided to power the recorder in the event of a failure in the 110 V a.c. electrical supply.
3. Three platinum resistance temperature probes connected to the control unit by armoured cable, enable the unit to be sited up to 25 metres from the measuring point. The probes measure concrete, bath and air temperature.

Curing tank
Dimensions 730 x 550 x 448 mm
Capacity 114 litres (25 gallons)
Operating temperatures up to 80�C
Control Unit
Dimensions 610 x 370 x 240 mm
Microprocessor-based PID controller
Three-pen chart recorder 0 - 60�C
Battery backup for recorder
Electrical supply 110 V a.c. 20 A 1ph
Temperature sensors
The platinum resistance thermometers are enclosed in stainless steel probes (6 mm diam. at sensing end ) of length 40 - 500 mm
Weight of complete system 48 kg (empty)