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Traffic Data Aquisition System

The TRAFfic Data Acquisition System (TRAFDAS) is a low-cost traffic counter which works with treadle or pneumatic tube detectors.

It is different to the other detectors in a number of key areas:

  • Number of Channels. TRAFDAS will handle up to 8 pairs of detectors at once.
  • Cost. TRAFDAS costs less than competing systems which only allow for 1 pair of detectors.
  • Software. TRAFDAS comes with sophisticated software which does everything from correcting missed observations to matching vehicles at different pairs of detectors on the same section of road, to performing speed-volume analyses on two-lane highways.
  • Flexibility. TRAFDAS can be easily customised by the user to handle any vehicle classification system.

TRAFDAS works by storing the raw time of an observation to an accuracy of 0.625 ms. The raw data are downloaded to an IBM compatible PC and processed to determine speeds, headways, axle spacings, vehicle classifications, etc.