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Wet Track Abrasion Tester

Wet Track Abrasion Tester

For Determining the resistance to abrasion of Slurry Seal mixes

(meets ISSA TB100 and ASTM D3910)

Slurry Seal Presentation PDF


Built around a Hobart mixer, the mahine is designed to measure the wearing qualities of slurry seal mixture under wet abrasion conditions.
The Wet Track Abrasion Test is a simulated performance test which has been correlated to wearing qualities of field applied slurry seals. The test establishes the minimum permissible emulsion content of a given system.
System classification of long term moisture susceptbility may be determined by use of the 6 day soak procedure.

Wet Track Abrasion Test as per ISSA TB 100 and ASTM D3910
Hobart A - 120 12 quart mixer includes quick clamp mouinting base, spun aluminium pan, special design quick change abrasion head, raised lip speciman mould (0.25 inch), srike-off dowel and squeegee, 10 pieces of pre-cut Parker P-290 abrasion hose, 10 pices of 12 x 12 inch roofing felt. 110v60Hz (220v5oHz also available)

Weight : 300 Pounds (137kg) 30 x 30 x 39inches (77 x 77 x 99cms)

Stainless Steel Mixer Bowl, Beater, Whip
Special mandrell design quick change abrasion head for Hobart C100 or N50 mixer
Parker P290 Abrasion Hose, pre-cut to 5 inch lengths. Pack of 10
Raised lip specimen moulds pack of 10
12 x 12 inch 30 pound roofing felt. Pack of 10 squares
10 shelf stackable rack for WTAT specimens including 12, 11 gauge 12 x 12 inch aluminium trays.
WTAT attachments for conversion of in-house mixer